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Posters et communications orales de congrès, publications scientifiques... Retrouvez toutes les publications liées au projet AFTER.

Posters et communications orales de congrès

Institution : ESB (Portugal)    1st Author : Silva A.P

Institution : ENSAI (Cameroon)    1st Author :  Biyanzi P.

Institution : ESB (Portugal)    1st Author :  Freitas M.Q.

Institution : ENSAI (Cameroon)    1st Author :  Biyanzi P.

Institution : Cirad (France)    1st Author :  Mestres C.

Institution : UAC (Benin)   1st Author :   Sacca C.

Institution : NRC (Egypt)    1st Author :  Ahmed Z.S.

Institution : NRC (Egypt)    1st Author :  Hassan-Wassef H.

Institution : UT (Madagascar)   1st Author : Jeannoda J.

Institution : UCAD (Senegal)   1st Author :  Cisse M.

Institution : UCAD (Senegal)   1st Author :   Cisse M.

Institution : FRI (Ghana)   1st Author :   Amoa-Awua W.2)

Publications scientifiques

  • Contribution of traditional products to the quality of the diet and to local development”, presented at the Seminar in Antalya, Turkey on traditional foods
    11 Octobre 2012
  • Article in monthly IPEMED (Institut de prospective economique du monde mediterraneen) News, special issue on food security
    Septembre 2012
  • Descriptive Sensory Analysis and Portuguese Consumer Acceptability of Bissap Hibiscus Drinks with African Origin, 16th World Congress on Food Science and Technology IUFoST, 5-9, Foz do Iguaçu Brazil
    Auteurs : M. Q. Freitas, M. I. Franco, S. Teixeira¸ A. P. Silva, M. J. Monteiro, M. Cissé, D. Pallet, B. Bennett, A. Bechoff, K. Tomlins and M. M. Pintado
    Août 2012
  • Production, consumption, and quality attributes of Lanhouin, a fish-based condiment from West Africa. Food Chain, Volume 2, Number 1, May 2012, pp. 117-130
    Auteurs : Kindossi, J.M.; Anihouvi, V.B.; Vieira-Dalodé, G.; Akissoé, N.H.; Jacobs, A.; Dlamini, N.; Pallet, D.; Hounhouigan, D.J.
    Mai 2012
    UAC, divers
  • Article on “Research Media” Journal
    Décembre 2011
    Inra, SPES
  • Communication on jaabi antioxydant activity
    (Cameroon Bioscience Society annual conference)
    Décembre 2011

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